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Induve SA is the Industrial arm of New African Frontiers.  With a rich history spanning more than 60 years, Induve has witnessed its share of Angola’s turbulent past, living through the colonial era, independence, nearly three decades of civil war, and finally Angola’s recent race for development and modernization. 


After falling into a state of disrepair during the long years of the civil war, upon joining NAF Group, Induve has undergone a multitude of renovations and investments to bring it to its present state.  Wheat milling capacity now stands at an impressive 700 MT per day, along with 400 MT per day of corn flour and 250 MT of gritz. 

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With state-of-the-art machinery imported from Europe and on-site laboratories, INDUVE strives for quality in its production. This is evidenced by client satisfaction, with continuing growth in volumes as market demand increases.


INDUVE sa is a shining example of modern Angolan industrial production, meeting local demand where previously it was satisfied from abroad, and venturing into export markets to compete globally.


One of our biggest assets is our workforce. With over 250 employees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Induve family is made up of some of the best technicians and managers in the field. It is only with such a skilled and committed team that Induve was able to evolve to its present glory.

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Our Products


Induve commissioned a new wheat flour mill in 2020, with a 700 MT per day capacity, serving better the many Angolan bakeries and consumers. With discerning sourcing, professional milling operations and offering fortified wheat flour for the first time in the country, Induve’s wheat flour has in a short time left its mark and gained its reputation for quality.


Metric tons of wheat flour
processed per day



Metric tons of corn

processed per day

Metric tons of gritz processed per day

Our Brands

From food ingredients to finished bakery products, our brands offer you premium quality at a competitive price.

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