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About Us

Induve SA is the Industrial arm of New African Frontiers.  With a rich history spanning more than 60 years, Induve has witnessed its share of Angola’s turbulent past, living through the colonial era, independence, nearly three decades of civil war, and finally Angola’s recent race for development and modernization. 

After falling into a state of disrepair during the long years of the civil war, upon joining NAF Group, Induve has undergone a multitude of renovations and investments to bring it to its present state.  Corn milling capacity now stands at an impressive 400 MT per day, along with 250 MT per day of gritz.

In 2020 Induve started construction of a new wheat flour mill with a capacity of 700 MT per day with the aim of helping support the country in diversifying the economy, create employment and bringing development to the entire region.


The state-of-the-art milling equipment allows us to produce a superior quality of wheat flour from what is currently offered in the market. In addition to the industrial buildings, the site also includes silos with a total storage capacity of 56,000 MT. 


Our Group

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Atlas Group is a leading distributor of commodities and FMCG in Angola.  Born only in 2000, it has quickly become one of the largest commodity and FMCG importers in the country. Atlas has quickly flourished thanks in large part to a dedicated and determined workforce, a strong leadership, and a continual pursuit of quality and innovation in the provisions of its goods and services.

Atlas imports a robust portfolio of commodities and goods from brands renowned for their superior value and quality.  This is achieved through very close relationships with its first class suppliers cultivated by its numerous purchasing sister companies dispersed across the globe.  

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